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Who is HelpforParents, LLC? was founded by three individuals - Randy, Mary, and Matt.

Mary is the pretty face of HelpforParents - an expert in her field as an educational consultant. Mary is the one you will talk to on the phone and discuss options.

Matt is the geek behind the scenes managing the website and other tools we offer to parents. Matt has been involved in internet development since 2000.

Randy is the talkative, not on the phone. He's in charge of the discussion board and will assist parents in that area as needed. Randy provides an excellent community and support system for our users.

Where is HelpforParents, LLC located?

We have offices in southern California, Washington, and Utah

What is our process and how do we operate?

We operate a community for parents in need of solutions for a struggling teen or child. We provide a system for parents to connect with others to share experiences, ideas, and just vent frustrations as needed. When a parent needs to go to the next step they will call us to seek placement options to schools and programs for youth.

First, an initial consultation will be provided to parents to discuss the problem. Second, an intake review and discussion will be conducted. This helps our educational consultant get an idea of the situation and provides essential information to assess the needs of the child/teen. Third, a presentation of options will be presented to parents. There is no "one-size-fits-all" presentation. Each situation is unique and we provide options based on a thorough assessment. Finally, the enrollment process. This consists of choosing a program, setting up transport, arranging financing as needed, and placement of the youth.